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    My name is Axel V. Duch, I currently live in Canada. I am looking for a publisher in english for my book that is currently published in Denmark detailing the operation of the humanitarian airlift to Biafra during the civil war in Nigeria, 1967 - 1970. In the 282 pages are described the most intimate details concerning how this came about, including how Hitler's SS hero, Mussolini's saviour, SS Colonel Otto Skorzeny, tried to become part of this operation. For a more in depth description of my book, please read the reviews and comments page. If the Contact Info link does not work, you can email me at
C-97 Stratocruiser
It was strictly a night operation landing on an old highway.
 -Art by Axel V. Duch
 Here is the book cover for my published book in Denmark.

.Danish Book Cover